Hobson & Porter’s Foundations Scheme

Foundations is Hobson & Porter’s unique initiative to create a sustainable workforce for the construction industry – educating, developing and upskilling the next generation in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Created in 2016, the Hobson & Porter Foundations programme is an annual initiative aligned to the academic calendar, aimed at providing enriched career opportunities for all ages. Each year, Hobson & Porter work with a group of pre-determined education partners covering four educational demographics:

  • Primary School (age 4-11)
  • Secondary School (age 11-16)
  • Further and Higher Education (16 +)
  • Adult learning and re-training (18+)

The fundamental aims and aspirations of the Foundations programme are to:

What is Foundations Live?

Foundations Live in numbers

In 2019, Foundations Live had:

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